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Who? A movie and TV fan, okay mama's boy, who decided to follow a dream and work in the world of film. Tapping into a old passion of writing, Brandon realized that everything from film, TV, music videos to simply being outside, anything and everything is a story. 


Some out there who wonder what would have been if a break went one way or the other. Maybe then they wouldn't be stuck in middle management, trying to get by. Brandon spent my twenties doing just that, drifting through job to job and place to place.  He did the routine and punched in and out, missed out on holidays. After reaching a comfortable point, he looked to finish an education that was barely started.  


Oddly he found himself in Tempe, Arizona enrolled at the University of Advancing Technology. Under the guidance of Program Champion Paul DeNigris, himself a Hollywood VFX artist, Brandon adjusted to the new film world. A semester in, he wondered if he had made the right choice. Call it luck, chance or absurd randomness, he met a few other students who wanted to get their names out there and do good work while attending school. Those students went on to make a short for a 48-hour challenge titled "Up Route", and after winning childhood hero Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival "Best Student Horror Short" in 2015, they used that momentum to do work multiple music videos, short films and professional films. 

Then came "HELP FALLS: Interactive Horror Film". Originally a student projected devised by fellow student and frequent collaborator Jordan Wippell, it has become a feature-length film experience. Three shorts comprised of six genres of horror, Help Falls tells one complete story created by the two filmmakers and is comprised of a recurring cast of local and amazing actors. To be released in October of 2017, the two hope to innovate horror just as Kubrick, Craven and Hitchcock. 

All he wants to do is tell stories. His, yours and those not yet thought of. 

photo cred @jordanwippell

photo cred @jordanwippell


Let's collaborate, and tell some stories.