Working on numerous films in various roles, Brandon is willing to work in any role, in any capacity as long as it's towards the benefit of the film! He wants to make films with his friends, for their friends and wants that bond exploding onto the screen! 

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Help Falls (2017)

Interactive Horror Film

Team "Brandingo's" passion piece, Help Falls is one single narrative told through multiple genres of horror!

Limelight Poster.png

Limelight (2016)


Another IFP 48-challenger, and winner. A culmination by collaborators Scott & Wippell as writers. 

Trash (2016)


Producer/Assistant Camera 

For Director Jordan Wippell, TRASH was an exploration in guerrilla filmmaking and not being hit by traffic.

Calico Poster.jpg

Calico (2016)


For Director Killian Davies, Calico is a post-apocalyptic story of two brothers as they watch their world burn. 

Toppled Poster PD3.jpg

Toppled (2016)

Key Grip

Brandon's first time working as a Key Grip, it was paramount on this outdoor shoot not to be overthrown!

Reality Check.jpg

Reality Check (2015)


A personal victory for Brandon for this 48-hour challenge winner for Best Technical Direction. 

The Fine Game of Nil (2015)


A directorial debut, and first with collaborator Jordan Wippell, this game has the highest of stakes. 

MATERNAL INSTINCTS Poster_Uat Team 1.png

Maternal Instincts (2015)


Another IFP 48-hour challenge and directed by Gwyenth Christoffel, this short shows some instincts are choice.

MEAT (2015)

Producer/Assistant Camera 

MEAT stars Aaron-Ginn Forsberg as MAN, who expresses inner thoughts as dark as they are relatable. 

Up Route (2015)



Stars Jay Antobenedetto and Brandon Scott, this horror short was a 48-hour challenge winner!